Thursday, March 6, 2014

God's Own Image

 Why would I name this blog "In God's Own Image"? Do I really believe that God looks like me or thinks like me, or even likes the same things I like? Short answer- yes.
  This really took root at a young adult Bible study that my wife and I teach, (and I use that word very loosely.) I gave an answer, by way of a joke. As a form of apology, (sort of) I inserted that I know God has a sense of humor because he made me. I then gave my best Animal House Bluto imitation, (as you see on my profile picture), trying to seal the laugh. One of the young adults then blurted out "So that's God's image", and this thought was born.
  We are all made in God's own image-so therefore...this is what God is like! scary, but thought provoking.  I am not God, but God is me.

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