Tuesday, March 18, 2014


  Everybody loves scandal. I do not mean the TV show, (although lots do), I'm talking about deep, dark secrets. We all fall in this situation. We all have things and experiences we would like to bury and put away forever. They are embarrassing, hurtful or inconvenient and are nobody else's business.
  My sermon this week is on the Samaritan woman at the well. (A hush fell over many of the readers). Is there any other character in the New Testament that is more scandalous?  I mean really, married five times? Coming out to get water in the middle of the day, who does that except someone hiding?
  I am touched by this woman however. Instead of skulking around during the night, she comes to Jesus in the daylight. Even more incredible- Jesus actually seeks her out! A multi married Samaritan WOMAN, what Jewish leader in their right mind would strike up a conversation with her?
  Short answer, only one, and that one is Jesus.
  Funny thing is that how different is she than many of us? Don't we all have secrets? Don't we all have things that should keep us from perfection? Yet Jesus calls out to each of us, He invites all of us to experience the living water that comes through him. As I re-read John 4:5-42, (really? lectionary reading that is 37 verses long?) I am struck by what the gospel is telling me this week.
  What is the Gospel saying to someone in God's own image? Stay tuned to this blog for the next episode.
Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

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